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Steil nach oben, hoch hinaus.

AgriTech made in Germany

Our mission

A desire for the future and progress, responsibility for comprehensive sustainability, a new integrative definition of indoor farming - these are our drive and motivation.
To this end, we have dedicated ourselves in our Start-up to the development of an innovative and modular vertical farming technology that turns this still young field of technology on its head.

Our goal is a plant construction system that enables our customers to produce crop products of the highest quality with unprecedented efficiency, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world, independent of season and climate. Sustainability and resource conservation are our maxims here, and well thought-out unique technological features open the way.

Our team in Karlsruhe and our Germany-wide partner network are made up of motivated and inquisitive experts from various natural and engineering sciences from industry and academia. This enables us to continuously combine the latest findings from botany and engineering in the highly interdisciplinary technology of vertical farming in such a way that strikingly sustainable and economically attractive solutions result, leading to disruptively new business models.

What is Vertical Farming?

Vertical farming is basically the cultivation of plants on vertically stacked growth surfaces - a method that makes possible many times the plant yield per square meter of floor space. When this is done under fully controlled conditions in enclosed growing spaces, it is referred to as indoor (vertical) farming. Such farms can be operated year-round under optimal, consistent growing conditions regardless of location, climate and season.

The nutrient supply of the plants is usually carried out entirely without soil through hydroponic systems. Here, the root is supplied with everything it needs via a carefully composed nutrient solution. Due to a resource-saving recirculation of the liquid, only a fraction of water is required compared to conventional outdoor cultivation (95% water saving).

With the individual adjustment of the light spectrum for photosynthesis and the ambient climate, optimal conditions can be created for the healthy flourishing of various species throughout all growth phases. Plant products from indoor farming therefore usually contain a higher concentration of ingredients, vitamins or flavorings than those from conventional agriculture.
In addition, they can be grown completely without pesticides and are therefore free of any dirt and pollutants from the outset, even in the lowest concentrations.

How do we stand out?

To take Vertical Farming to the next level, you don't need another one, standard arugula or basil plantation.
It requires new ideas!

Medical plants

We focus on pharmaceutically, cosmetically and biochemically relevant plants whose populations are endangered by wild collection and which are, among others, urgently needed for phytopharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In addition to the plant mass, the quality and concentration of the active ingredients come into focus.


Our cultivation system is designed for growing perennial plants, which are not only harvested once, but yield repeatedly in many growth cycles. This allows different parts of the plants to be harvested over and over again, from flower to root. For the different growth phases, the plants can be placed in separate parts of the plant with adapted conditions.

Increased yield

For optimal, healthy growth, in addition to light and nutrient supply, the use of various natural growth stimuli (tropisms) is implemented in a technologically novel way and individually adapted to the respective plant species. Here, gravitropism is clearly in the foreground, which promises significantly increased growth and increased production of ingredients.


Thanks to the modular design and a well thought-out intralogistics structure, our farm plants of any size can be operated in a fully automated manner. In the course of their life cycle (from germination station to harvest), plants can be extracted in individual batches via special carrier systems to be processed and returned to the growth cycle.


We want to reach high! Literally.

We have specific goals in mind.


R&D project


Funded by the Bioeconomy Innovation Program "BIPL-BW" of the Ministry of Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection, ideal growth conditions for various plant species are determined and our innovative vertical farming system is put through its paces and perfected.


Demonstration Plant


Based on the uniquely interdisciplinary know-how gained and the market-ready development of our plant engineering technology, a demonstrator plant will be built to serve as a proof of concept on an industrial scale and as a showcase for future customers.


Market Acquisition


With the mature engineering and botanical "grwoth formulas" in our pocket, we offer our unique growth factories to the market on a turnkey basis. Our R&D modules are used for comprehensive services for custom-fit botanical and process plant design for the customer. Furthermore, we operate Farming as a Service for demanding plants of any kind with our existing demonstrator facility. betreiben wir mit unserer bestehenden Demonstrator-Anlage Farming as a Service für anspruchsvolle Pflanzen jeder Art.

The VFT Team


Dr. Reinhard Bott

Company director & leading figure, process engineer, marketing expert

Reinhard has already founded a process engineering company and made it internationally successful, long before the term "Start-up" was born. He is the man for team spirit and corporate development.


Marc Galley

Head of interdisciplinary engineering, technology integrator, research & development

As a civil and environmental engineer, Marc has always been obsessed with the idea of sustainability and progressive solutions for the future. With his master's thesis on Aquaponics, he has previously presented a stellar start to the topic as a booster. 


Daniel Trippe

Power & Air Conditioning, Automation
System engineering and retail

Daniel is broadly positioned thanks to his master's degree in general mechanical engineering. Specializing in energy and building technology as well as automation, he brings important pieces of the puzzle into play and represents the startup at trade fairs, lectures or science slams.


Manuel Amann

Botanist, phytochemist of plant constituents, developer of botanical growth formulas.

The plant whisperer. As a biologist and phytochemist, Manuel brings the scientific know-how around plant well-being and the ingredients around which everything revolves.


Daniel Kaestner

Data Analysis and IT administration
Statistical Analysis and AI

As a Data Scientist, Daniel has a broad knowledge of computer science, programming and statistics. Besides everything digital, Daniel takes care of the planning and statistical analysis of experiments to enable data-based decisions (up to the use of AI systems) for optimal healthy plant growth.


Max Brehm

Development, plant design,
protoype construction

Max is a tinkerer in the making. With studied mechanical engineering knowledge and manual skills, he designs, builds and optimizes complex components that are elementary in the system.


Edit Gössel

Finance, Accounting, Administration

Edit is a numbers person with a clear view and structure. She has the team's back in all administrative matters.


Michael Liu

Bioengineering, Ion Selective Fertilization 

Not too much, not too little, and above all the right thing - Michael researches and supports the startup alongside his studies at KIT, among other things in the area of optimal nutrient supply to plants.

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Helena Telle-Jiménez

Bioengineering, Plant health

The health of the plants is the top priority in indoor farming. Protecting the green gold from diseases without any use of pesticides is a challenge that requires know-how and finesse, which Helena is working on at VFT alongside her studies at KIT.

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We are looking forward to hear from you!


We are looking forward to hear from you!